Every repair and maintenance request is completed quickly, but without compromising quality or workmanship.

A chimney with loose bricks is dangerous. Not only could a toppled chimney stack cause damage to your roof (sometimes severe), it could also have serious consequences in terms of human injury or even pets. Chimney brick spalling (flaking) is by far one of the most common issues we encounter with chimneys.

In addition to brickwork pointing and sealing, we can also help fix leaks to your chimney flashing and restore the integrity of your chimney flaunching.

After certain home renovations and alterations, chimneys become redundant and may need to be removed. McCann Roofing offers this CHIMNEY REMOVAL OR REPLACEMENT service, priding ourselves on the professional finish that jobs like this require. After 32 years in the industry, jobs like this are second nature. McCann Roofing has completed many chimney removals.

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